Friday, October 2, 2015

SUNAE joins the collection

I am very happy that I found NOASHI, an artist who does sand painting (called SUNAE in Japan). Watch this amazing video on how to make SUNAE here. Candy Girl and Life of Paper Plane have found a special home in New York.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Paris Delights

I am still eating my way through my a stash of Nougat, Fleur De Sel Caramels and Calissons. 

While I stayed only in Paris on this trip, my Vendome neighborhood provided much in the way of chocolate shops and access to a treasury of treats. 

As always, I was awed by Le Grande Epicurie at Bon Marche and felt very at home with their Brooklyn theme running throughout the store. I missed a pop-up tattoo shop with Saved Tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, but was able to buy myself an appropriate little set of fake tattoos as shown on the right here. Once applied I felt frenchier, tougher & sweeter than ever.

Back in the first arrondissement, I found Colette as inspirational as ever and loved her little candy shop p.o.p. section of snacks items.  Jeremyville @ Colette was really fun. Here's me with his well, blow up doll.
I went home with bags filled with presents and confectionery research from Colette including a full line of Le Chocolat des Francais featuring amazing wrappers designed by fabulous artists and illustrators like Serge Bloch, Marie Assenat, and Edith Carron. Vive le chocolat!  Vive le illustration. Vive la France!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Giving cacao beans cachet

This Newsweek article written by Jessica Firger looks at FCIA, heirloom cacao and consumer perception of artisan chocolate bars. Here's a sneak preview. Read it on-line!

Beth Kimmerle, author of Chocolate: The Sweet History, says the HCP initiative shows that “flavor has currency again.” In recent years, companies such as Dandelion and Brooklyn-based Mast Brothers have proved there is a place in the market for a gourmet bar. Kimmerle says consumers would purchase even higher-end chocolate if businesses were willing to take the risk.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Holistic Sensory Methods at PMCA Production Conference

I was  thrilled to work with Myrna Fossum at the 69th Annual PMCA Production Conference. Myrna was invited to speak on the topic of Sensory Evaluation and I co-authored our paper titled, Using Holistic Sensory Methods.

Look for the paper in the May issue of Manufacturing Confectioner Magazine. I have included a preview page here.

If you'd like a copy of the presentation, please email me. You can find our videos of consumers tasting chocolate as well as a trained sensory panel by following the links to YouTube. We used these to demonstrate the type and quality of information you can gather from each type of group.

Just as we had finished our presentation and paper when this GREAT article about sensory marketing came out in Harvard Business Review. 

Thanks to everyone who supported the project! Beth Kimmerle