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Samin Nosrat + Beth Kimmerle

I spent some time with writer and chef, Samin Nosrat, this Summer and her visit resulted in an article that will appear in an upcoming New York Times Magazine issue. Here's a couple of behind the scene shots. The first is from the famous Chicago bookstore Women & Children First where we found a copy of Samin's book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. Samin signed her book and directly after they applied the "Signed By The Author" sticker I bought it. The book is an amazing kitchen staple and I already had a well-read copy so it came home as a gift for a friend. Please get the book (and some decent kitchen shears) and try cooking the chicken. Omitting a spine from a bird is harder than it sounds. Once you do it you'll really love that flat, crispy skinned bird.

On another day we visited Chris at Whimsical Candy to take a look at her store and watch her make caramel. Chris sent us home with some great treats like La-Dee-Dahs and her new, stunning vegan caramel. We sampled m…

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