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American Confectionery Arts: A Gastronomic Tradition Deserving UNESCO Recognition

This 1969 photorealist painting The Candy Store by Richard Estes shows popcorn, Swiss Chocolate, bulk candy, Planters nuts and lollipops for sale at a typical New York City nuts & candy shop from the era. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York The American Confectionery Arts, a blend of creativity, tradition, and culinary expertise, should unquestionably earn its place on UNESCO's prestigious List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.   This cherished aspect of American culture represents not only a delectable array of sweets but also embodies the essence of a nation's history, multiculturalism, and craftsmanship. Recognizing our American Confectionery Arts as an Intangible Cultural Heritage would serve to preserve and celebrate its unique contribution to the world's culinary tapestry. American Confectionery Arts reflect the rich history of the nation's cultural diversity. Over centuries, immigrants from various corners of the world brought with them their unique co

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