NECCO's Broken Hearts Club

Seems we couldn't fathom a Valentine's without NECCO products. 

Both Fortune and Bloomberg ran a piece about the OG candy maker's masterful messaging product. Spangler Candy promises that their version of CONVERSATION HEARTS (the heart-shaped, slang covered, mini candy slates) should be on shelves again before too long but in the meantime, candy fans lament the loss and lean on Brach's dot matrix printed version.

Smithsonian Magazine called to talk about NECCO wafers and mechanization of candy. Our delightful conversation resulted in the article The Pharmacist Who Launched America’s Modern Candy Industry  

If you are a real NECCO lover and want a piece of history make an offer on this amazing sign.

NECCO founder, Oliver Chase, is pictured in this attached watercolor from a history book written in the 1960's. He's depicted using one of his hand-cranked candy machines for pulverized sugar. Candy times have changed but the love of a classic conversation heart has only grown.


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