Samin Nosrat + Beth Kimmerle

I spent some time with writer and chef, Samin Nosrat, this Summer and her visit resulted in an article that will appear in an upcoming New York Times Magazine issue. It's titled TASTE TEST: Flavor is a Language, and Like Wine, Candy Has It's Own. Here's a couple of behind the scene shots. The first is from the famous Chicago bookstore Women & Children First where we found a copy of Samin's book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. Samin signed her book and directly after they applied the "Signed By The Author" sticker I bought it. The book is an amazing kitchen staple and I already had a well-read copy so it came home as a gift for a friend. Please get the book (and some decent kitchen shears) and try cooking the chicken. Omitting a spine from a bird is harder than it sounds. Once you do it you'll really love that flat, crispy skinned bird.

On another day we visited Chris at Whimsical Candy to take a look at her store and watch her make caramel. Chris sent us home with some great treats like La-Dee-Dahs and her new, stunning vegan caramel. We sampled many Northside neighborhoods, trying treats along the way and even made a stop at Chicago's Morelia market where the tortillas are hand made and still warm to the touch when you buy them. Samin is a writer, cook, and teacher but she's more than that. She has a new Netflix series (hooray - on my watch list!) but after many meals and much candy she's a great new friend in food!

Samin Nosrat signing at Women & Children First Bookstore

Samin Nosrat watches Chris pour caramel at Whimsical Candy in Chicago.


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