Emotional Eater!

Clay Hickson had a great piece in Chicago's Athletic Club Hotel art exhibit window when I was there for a most wonderful 4th of July this Summer. Titled Emotional Eater, he illustrates a day of fab foods stuffs moving from breakfast to evening dessert. I clipped a picture of the what happens after any decent dinner meal. Yum.

From Clay's Gallery:

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the meals of our days.”
In partnership with the Chicago Athletic Association hotel, Johalla Projects was pleased to showcase the work of Los Angeles-based Clay Hickson in the hotel's second-floor lobby.
Emotional Eater is a journey into the human condition told exclusively through food and light. The bright, promising joy of breakfast gently bleeds into the strange discomfort of lunch. As the day’s natural light is replaced by the warm glow of the dinner table, we reflect on the changing world over a glass of wine and a slice of cake.


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