Amazing Pumpkin Candy + Chocolate Recipes

Candied Orange Pumpkins
These Candied Orange Pumpkins filled with ganache were amazing. I cut the top off a mandarin orange and gently pulled the flesh from the peel. The peels, top and bottom were candied, boiled with sugar and dried. The following day they were filled with pumpkin spice flavored chocolate ganache. We placed on the pretzel stem on tops and served as individual desserts. The candied oranges could be filled with pudding and even ice cream too. Wow...they were delicious!

Chocolate Covered Cherry Pumpkins
Also ready for Fall, are these small, pumpkin styled Chocolate Covered Cherries. First we dipped some drained cherries in orange chocolate. Once cool, a little pretzel "stem" was added to the top and with a toothpick I made some pumpkin ridges. These were easy to make. Happy Pumpkin Season!


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