Pirouette Pencils

Back-to-school is in full swing and while purchasing yet some MORE school supplies I had an idea to surprise some of my favorite back-to-schoolers with some "pencils" of the sweet variety. Pirouette cookies served as my base; I dipped them in melted yellow and pink candy wafers to bring them to life. Make them by following these easy steps:

1. Carefully expose top part of cookie on one end and shape to make sharpened "tip" of the pencil. Reshape chocolate if needed.
2. In a shallow pan, roll or dip the Pirouette cookie by holding onto the shaped tip end into melted yellow candy wafers. Place on wax paper to set.
3. Once the chocolate has set, dip part of the wafer cookie into melted pink candy wafers for the "eraser".
4. Place on wax paper to set... and enjoy! 


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