My Career in Candy Land from All American Cooking (+12 Candies)

Beth Kimmerle has always been a candy lover. She grew up near Chicago, where chocolate and candy have a storied past. Beth became fascinated not just by the taste but also by the packaging of each individual piece. 
“The way candy represented special occasions, holidays, and events made it a kind of window into history and culture,” she says. “And the type of candy a person prefers can tell us so much about their taste and background.”
Beth has taken her passion for all things candy and turned it into a career as a candy expert and historian. She works as a writer, educator, and consultant, sharing her knowledge across the candy industry and beyond in myriad of ways.

Her introduction into the business came about when she started working for Fannie May Chocolates, where she did product development, buying, and marketing for the brand. Lucky for her, the Fannie May candy-making factory was located right next door to her office, and the world’s best candy makers taught her the ropes.
“Immersed in that environment, I couldn’t help but become interested in the history of confections,” she says.
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