Candy Jars Painting at Sweet and Snack Show

Beth might have the coolest job ever. Being a candy expert means more than testing, inventing, promoting and working with candy. Sometimes it even means making candy art!

Beth had the privilege to develop a beautiful mixed media painting “Candy Jars” with accomplished and widely exhibited artist-cum-pastry chef Sheri Warshauer-Riskind.

“Candy Jars” updates the image of an old fashioned candy shop. The painting’s large scale is meant to give the viewer the experience of a child looking up at a candy shop’s wall of wonders. The textural elements on the painting draw the viewer further into the sensory experience of candy; the feel and sound of crinkly wrappers and the familiar colors and shapes we grew up with.

The piece will be displayed for sale at the Sweet and Snack Show at McCormick Place in Chicago from the 20th to the 22nd. So come and check it out if you plan to attend!


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