Komforte Chockolates Tasting

With flavors like tortilla, lime and salt, and apple pie and graham cracker, Komforte Chockolates had our attention. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Komforte Chockolates seem to promise a chocolate bar reminiscent of a cozy Seattle afternoon looking out a rain-streaked window at a grey sky. Decidedly west coast in aesthetic and sentiment, Komforte has potential, but does not fully deliver on their promise.

The Meadow, a pretty neighborhood shop in the West Village, is the only source for Komforte in the city. They sell an unusual variety of goods ranging from chocolate, flowers, and bitters, to every kind of culinary salt under the sun.

The Komforte bars we selected were French toast, apple pie and graham cracker, and tortilla lime and salt. Alas, we missed the ramen noodle bar.

We decided to hold the tasting in the office so we could benefit from an array of opinions. Komforte’s packaging is bright and modern, making them fun to open and appealing for a gift. First up was the tortilla, lime and salt. Before taking a bite, Beth noted that you “can smell the citrus.” The tortilla pieces strewn through the bar gave it a satisfying chunkiness. There was no hint of artificial flavor and we were delighted by how well the lime and salt paired with chocolate.

The French toast bar received less than rave reviews. Most tasters agreed that the bar felt lower quality than the previous one. The inclusions tasted like a cheap cereal—the kind that you wouldn’t feed to your children. The bar was cloying and the texture too crispy to be enjoyable.

Unfortunately the apple pie and graham cracker bar was just as bad. The bar is a blend of milk and white chocolate with a graham cracker center. Like the French toast bar, it was too sweet. There was not enough graham cracker to balance out the sweetness of the coating and tasters were reminded of Apple Jack cereal. Probably not the best association for a high end chocolate bar.

Overall, despite the disappointing sweet flavors, we would be happy to eat the tortilla, lime and salt bar again. So would our colleagues I think, since the bar was gone by the end of the day. Komforte excels when it mixes savory with sweet instead of opting for traditionally sugary flavors. They should stick to their strength and so will we. Next time we’ll go for the Ramen noodle bar.

contributing authors: Liz Noonan and Leanne Brown


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