M&M's Cake Pops

I started the year right with some M&M's Cake Pops. We used chocolate cake so that the inside was as brown as the real ones. We had a fun time making the little lentil shapes and if you can make a hamburger patty you can make an M&M's pop too! 

Before our discs were dipped in candy wafers Caroline here likened them to to flying saucers. Those may be made in the very near future but in a galaxy far, far...

Of course, we used Make'n Mold Candy Wafers simply because they are the BEST CANDY WAFERS ever.

Amazingly, Make'n Mold colors can be mixed to make a perfect M&M's color match. If you send an email, I will give you the exact recipe for the colors but you must promise to always use Make'n Mold wafers or your won't get satisfying results. 

To create the “M” stencil, simply fold clear plastic packing tape over itself so that you have a firm piece of non-sticky plastic. Then, using an Exacto knife, cut out your “M” shape. Follow this link to find the M logo. 

Using a paint brush and your M stencil, dab on powdered sugar when the pops are candy covered and cooled. 

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


  1. Just the cuties thing. Can't wait to share this with my little baker, she might want to make it for her birthday. Pinned.

  2. I made these and they tasted yumm!! Thank you for the recipe!

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