Shane's Candy in Philadelphia

The last time I was in Shane's Candies the store smelled a little strange. I was in Philadelphia to do a radio show on WHYY and a fine and thoughtful producer gave me a list of classic candy places that were a must to visit while I was in town. The last time I was at Shane's it did not look or feel like this. The candy did not seem dandy and in fact the place had no mojo. 

Things have changed.

Two years ago Shane's was radically transformed into a magical and traditional confectionery emporium by Eric and Ryan Berley. The brothers spruced up what just may be the oldest operating confectionery store in America. The store originally opened in 1863 and today has historic touches that make it feel like a living sweet museum stocked with fresh and lovingly made candies. The gentlemen also run a sweetly styled classic Soda Fountain shop located just a few doors away. 

Today, Shane's is a real candy gem. The attention to detail from retail displays to production work took my breath away. But not for too long as handmade clear toy candy and caramels were available for the tasting. Read this great write up in Smithsonian Magazine and plan your visit today.


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