Kitchenaid Model G Stand Mixer

A few weeks ago Beth shared a blog post about an antique chocolate mold collection she recently acquired. This collection includes not only antique metal chocolate molds but also a number of pieces of candy making equipment. Among them is a Kitchenaid model G stand mixer.

Kitchenaid’s original stand mixer for home use was introduced to the market in 1919. This first mixer was named model H-5 and was called “the best kitchen aid”, leading to the brand name. The much lighter and more compact model G mixer, which Beth now has in her possession, was released in 1927. Although the model G looks somewhat unfamiliar to those that know current Kitchenaid stand mixers, it's a closer relative than you might think. Kitchenaid’s machines remain virtually unchanged since before World War II.  


  1. What is a mixer of that age worth in 2021?


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