Paper's Super Duper Market

Signed: For Beth, (candy)
 Maira Kalman
This afternoon Paper Magazine hosted a very happening press opening for their Super(Duper)Market. This is  a three-day pop-up store featuring food and related goodies. 

Liz from Liddabit Sweets got excited to talk about her new book, due out in October, over Ricotta caramels. Tartine Bakery from San Francisco came to sample granola and brownies on the East Coast. Maira Kalman signed a copy of the Michael Pollan FOOD RULES book for me. Her illustrations are glorious and even the endpages come alive with the first crack of the book. The pictures were possibly meant to be a deterent to "bad food" but with her gouache paint she makes sugary grape soda and Hostess Cupcakes look whimsically delicious. I purchased a German egg slicer from her and  expressed my deepest love for her artwork.

Beth and Clare treat talkin'
Author and food rocker Clare Crespo of the YummyFun Kooking Series, was preparing for her kid's food workshops sponsored by Target. She's demonstrating banana dogs and pretzel butterflies. Kindred spirits in sweets, we had a delightful time talking treats.

Should you find yourself at Chelsea Market this weekend, have a stroll and enjoy the fare!


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