Rock Stars & M&Ms

People often discuss the colors of M&Ms. They have indeed changed the color mix of those shell coated chocolate discs over the years. Today when you open a pack you will find blue and, of course, red is back after being omitted for many years due to a red dye scare. We may never know how the rumor about the magical powers of green M&Ms was started but everyone's heard about rock stars requesting copious bowls of ONLY green M&Ms.

Swirling around the color conversation is the subject of rockers banning brown M&Ms. Now, we have some pretty hard evidence about Van Halen's brown M&Ms prejudices.

According to David Lee Roth, Halen's sometime frontman, so many music promoters did not read the rider in the VH contract (which according to Roth was as huge as a "Chinese phone book") that they added the unique clause so they could ascertain if the VH contract had been read thoroughly. In an interview, David Lee Roth said the outlandish request was to insure the music tour went safely, among other reasons. Read more about Van Halen's very specific requirements and the ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN M&Ms warning in this NPR article.


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