Martha Stewart TV and beyond

Martha Stewart's "Super Snack" Superbowl show last Friday was fun to watch live from the front row of her TV studio. The actual football game was pretty fun to watch too but I watched that on Sunday from the front row of a couch.

The candy on the Martha Stewart TV set looked great if I do say so myself! Valentine colored candies, mints and lollipops from Gimbal's, Hammond's Candies and Jelly Belly all glistened from vintage style apothecary jars and fabulous footed candy dishes.

Martha has yet to announce where her TV show will land but it won't be back on Hallmark... which is probably good since many long-time viewers had a difficult time finding it.

Down in D.C. visiting with the National Confectioners Association this week I was reminded that I have a great NCA vintage ribbon badge in my collection. It was likely given to attendees of the 15th annual confectioners convention that took place in Chicago in 1898. My picture here is slightly fuzzy but the very proud eagle on the medallion is sitting on a globe with the word purity written around it. For 114 years old it is really beautiful and I think may end up in D.C. one day....

We're getting ready for the second annual Sweet and Snack Expo Art Show. This year's exhibit will be terrific. The show will featuring dresses and a "living" section inspired by confections and snacks. Stay sweet.


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