Happy New Year

Our flock of owl Cake Pops inspired
by Bakerella's dipped darlings
We've been busy making more cake pops for the New Year. This time we attempted Owls. We used candy necklace "beads" for the eyes and found that chocolate chips were perfect little "wings". Little gummies were used for the "beak" and snowflake sprinkles for the "feet". They were loads of fun and with a marblecake center, pretty tasty. In fact, all 40 or so are only alive now in our Owl Cake Pop dreams.

1928 advertising booklet for
MY-T-FINE  Desserts
Also on our list of things to keep us busy is puddings. It's a new obsession and thus far we've made Blancmange, Corn Pudding, Toffee Pudding, Spiced Rice Pudding, and Trifle from our vintage recipe books. Coming up, Figgy. 

Also, we are enjoying a new office on 21st Street here in Manhattan. If you are in the Flatiron district please call for a visit!

The possibilities of puddings are endless. 
We've been making them savory, stacked, 
sweet and supple.
Lastly, another nostalgic candy article ran in a NJ newspaper. Check it out, Happy New Year and stay sweet!


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