Candyland Class at ICE in NYC

I taught a really fun class last weekend at the Institute of Culinary Education. You can see the agenda pictured. I demoed my now famous Goat Butter and Honey caramels while the class produced fluffy Marshmallow and nutty Nougat. We then headed into chocolate work and I demoed an easy (and alt white sugar) Chocolate Toffee. Following, the class made Tipsy Truffles and Chocolate Bark. Read below for one of many sweet notes I received following the class:

Hi Beth, I took your Candyland class last weekend at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC. I just wanted to thank you for showing me that candy making is not as intimidating as it is made out to be and I am now excited to begin a new journey of candy-making obsession! Your enthusiasm on the subject of candy is truly inspiring and I have a new found passion for the subject as well. I ordered both your candy and chocolate books and I can not wait to begin reading them and making delicious creations! I hope that you will be teaching more classes in the NYC area on the art of candy making-I would love to take a class or two on caramel making. Thank you SO much again for instructing the amazing class-I learned so much and am obsessed with the thought of making more candy!!


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