Destination Food: Italy via Chicago

Last May, I was interviewed by a trio of thoughtful Italian journalists. They were exploring food in the United States.  Their project took them to Detroit to explore community gardens and to Cleveland to taste beer. Along the way they stopped in Chicago to discuss one of my favorite topics. We met at the University of Chicago where my confectionery exhibit was on display. We discussed American candy but all I really wanted to do was hear about confetti, Leone and my favorite Italian licorice. 

Italy makes great candy; almost 2,000,000 tons of it annually. Italy is also know for wonderful chocolate. I was still a bit sad to learn that Pietro Ferrero, chief executive officer of the Ferrero group, maker of Nutella chocolate spread and Tic Tacs, and heir to one of the countries biggest family fortunes, died of a suspected heart attack while on vacation. Nutella is a commercial cousin to Gianduja, a chocolate spread or paste which contains ground hazelnuts. Gianduja is fully credited to the Italians, specifically the wonderful classic confectionery company, Caffarel. After our interview I waited to hear from the three reporters but instead stumbled into this article on Destination Food. Enjoy!


  1. The best pizzeria houses are in Chicago. I think it is because of the Italian migrants in the 1900's to Chicago that has spurned the identity of the place with cuisine from Bologna, Sicily and Milan.


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