Watch All About Candy, 1972 Candy PSA from my film archives

For your viewing enjoyment a 1972 UPI, Films Incorporated Movie
"All About Candy"

This incredible (almost 40 year old!) 10-minute movie is voiced over by a young girl who's exploring the world of candymaking with her longhaired friends. There's scenes of ingredient sources: milk from cows, sugar from sugarcane, and a tropical cocoa farm. This stunning period PSA features groovy music and unbelievable interior shots of large scale hard candy making, plus vintage chocolate production filmed at the Hershey factory. The movie shows chocolate bars being molded, Hershey Miniatures coming off a bag filler line and chocolate enrobers. It's very Charlie and The Chocolate Factory & very fabulous. "All About Candy" is from my vintage confectionery collection. Enjoy!


  1. brilliant ! i love it. thanks for sharing, beth ! happy easter !!


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