Trick-Or-Treat? Top 5 All Time Halloween Treats

1) Apples: Forget that old (sub?) urban legend about the razor blade in a red “delicious” apple. Think about a big, sweet Honeycrisp and remember that apples go great with bobbing, candying and caramel.

2) Popcorn Balls: While rice krispie treats may have over taken the classic corn ball spot, when these are made with love and care, they are a Fall delight. Fresh popped popcorn is a must.

3) Candy Corn: This confectionery must have was originally developed by Wonderlee Candy Company and called “Chicken Feed”. Today over 35 million pounds of candy corn is produced each year, or 9 Billion pieces of the tri-colored, cone-shaped treat.

4) Caramel: Another Fall candy classic that is versatile. This category has grown and

gone “gourmet” recently. Goat Butter and Honey Caramels anyone?

5) FunSize: The truth is that moderation, when it comes to certain candies, rules. Funsize allows one to enjoy a smorgasbord of candies thereby enabling a faster trip down memory lane.

Mini candies are a great way to sample the season’s finest confectionery favorites.


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