Beth Kimmerle’s Catskill Confections

Hip, hip hooray! I made the Rooster Design Group Next Culinary Genius contest finals. I am getting ready to sample my sweet things at ICI restaurant in Fort Greene tonight. I have produced a yummy line of handcrafted confections featuring fresh & local New York area ingredients. Here are some of the items on the tasting menu.
Wish me luck! Beth

Goat Milk Caramels

Classic, chewy caramels get a makeover with the addition of local, tangy goat milk. The unique

taste of these fresh, rich caramels is winning.

Tipsy Truffles

70% Chocolate flavored with smoky, locally distilled bourbon creates a truffle like no other. Lightly

dusted with cocoa powder to enhance the bittersweet smokiness.

Wild Honey & Corn Nougat

Locally produced, dried sweet corn and wildflower honey marry to give new life to this

traditional favorite.

Chocolate Berry Bark

Chocolate embedded with locally grown and dried blueberries, gooseberries and mulberries.

It’s a sweet & tart, melt in your mouth treat.

Chocolate Perkies

Chocolate and locally roasted coffee make this mocha treat a real delight.


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