Halloween Recipes

Many magazines and websites, including People and Cosmogirl, have featured my Halloween Recipes this year. My recipe for my Frankenpops has been printed using Candy Wafers but they are easy to make with white chocolate too. All that is required is a substitution of Green Candy Wafers for green tinted White Chocolate. Candy Wafers, candy colors and white chocolate can typically be purchased at gourmet, craft and cooking specialty stores. As with any of my recipes, please email with any questions you may have about ingredients or technique. Press the little email icon below and I will respond as quickly as possible.

With Halloween coming up quickly next weekend, next week is set to be an exciting one. I will be on Martha Stewart Radio on Friday morning, New York Nightly News With Chuck Scarborough on Tuesday night and I am scheduled to give a demonstration at the NY Chocolate Show Friday afternoon. A few last minute things should pop up but feel free to email and I will give you last minute updates. Here's my schedule:

10/27: Off to NBC studios to do the 7 pm Nightly News With Chuck Scarborough. I will share a few treats with Chuck and talk about chocolate. Anyone know his favorite candy?

10/30: Listen to Martha Stewart's “Morning Living at 7:30. Hosted by Kim Fernandez and Betsy Karetnick on your Sirius Satellite Radio. We'll talk about our favorite tempting topic, CANDY. This show is now a long standing Halloween tradition and I know their personal favorites...but honestly, do you think they'll be able to pass my CANDY TEST?

10/30: When you arrive at the NY Chocolate Show first, check out my CHOCOLATE HISTORY display and then stick around to taste my Spooky Chocolate Halloween Treats. My demo is at 5:30 with a book signing following.

Happy Halloween & Stay Sweet, Beth


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