What a Sweet Time it Was!

Candymonium's own confectionary expert is fresh from the California State Fair in Sacramento and their exhibit "It's a Candy Nation." The exhibit is a huge hit, and continues until September 7th, so if you're in the area check it out!

Beth, who helped create the exhibit by lending her own confectionary treasures for the history section, was interviewed for the local morning news shows and conducted several demos during her weekend in Sacramento.

Here she is entertaining the crowd and making candy sushi.  

Try it at home, here’s the recipe:

Candy Sushi

Razzle dazzle your friends and family with this out of the ordinary sweet treat by using marshmallows, Hubba Bubba Sour Gummi Tape and stick gum to create incredible, edible “sushi” and “rolls.”  It’s easy: Big Red makes fine “tuna” and Juicy Fruit makes delicious “yellowtail;” simply add Life savers Gummies and a few orange sprinkles and your rolls are ready to rock.  Enjoy fish with a fantastic sweet flavor destined to delight all taste buds!

To make this tasty sushi delight you will need

  • Large Marshmallows
  • Hubba Bubba Gummi Tape
  • An assortment of colorful stick gum: Big Red (tuna), Juice Fruit (yellowtail) and 5 cobalt (wasabi).
  • Life Savers Gummies
  • Orange Sugar or Sprinkles
  • Craft knife


1)   Cut marshmallows in half and place sticky side up on a plate. Then, cut Gummi Tape in half lengthwise and wrap around marshmallow.

2)   Next mold the whole piece of stick gum into “fish” pieces. Fold each piece of gum in half, work it around in your hands like clay to create an oblong shape and turn the corners inward for soft edges. When you are done, place each molded piece of gum on top of the marshmallow half wrapped in Gummi Tape.

3)   For variety, trim the edges of red and orange Life Savers Gummies into small square pieces. Save the corners. Cut a small piece of a green Life Savers Gummi and place into the center hole of the red and orange pieces. Place these colorful masterpieces on top of marshmallows and use the leftover edges to decorate.

4)   Finally, sprinkle with orange sugar or sprinkles and get out your chopsticks. Kompai!




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