Fancy Food Show Finds - Part 2

Butter Baked Goods: Fresh Marshmallows

If you have ever tasted a freshly made marshmallow, you will agree with me that the stuff you buy at your local mega-mart is nothing in comparison.  A real home-style marshmallow is light as air, melty in your mouth, springy to the touch and oh so gooey in your hot cocoa.  Such is the case with the wonderful confections from the Butter Baked Goods company out of Vancouver, BC.  And who says a marshmallow has to be white and plain.  Butter makes 12 distinct marshmallow flavors from the usual (vanilla, strawberry, peppermint), to the more obscure (matcha tea, egg nog, and pumpkin).  Hard to imagine what beverage you would float a matcha marshmallow in, but the idea intrigues me.  Also good to note in this allergy fanatic world we live in now is that Butter is a peanut-free facility, which can be very hard to come by.   Visit their website at for info on their marshmallows and other yummy baked goods. Image courtesy

Divine Creazioni: Chocolate Ravioli

At the Fancy Food Show our goal was to find the newest, hottest confections…. but it’s hard to pass up a trip through the Italy section.  Who knew we could come upon chocolate ravioli, and a very mysterious ravioli she is.  Not only were the handouts in Italian, but the English version of Surgital’s website is mute on their new product.  In addition, we weren’t even able to taste it at the show! What I can gather from the photos and crudely (on my end) translated text from the Italian version of the site is that the ravioli itself it chocolate with a ricotta and orange rind filling.  Sounds delightful! Unfortunately for you and me both, Surgital is a wholesale operation, and with the covert chocolate ravioli only a limited edition item, we US of Aer’s might have to wait a while to taste it, if we get a nibble at all. And for the life of me I can’t figure out what it has to do with DNA.  Thoughts? Image courtesy


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