Greek Yogurt with Honey

I realize that I promised more about vanilla ice cream, petite fours and See's Candy but I tasted something at the show which has occupied my mind since. Fage Yogurt. Total (full cream) with honey. It's velvety, rich with heavy cream and pleasingly sweet. It reminds me of a perfectly produced, thick, creme fraiche.

When I was in Turkey, we had yogurt for almost every meal. It was made into sauces for lamb dishes, blended into fruit drinks and served with nuts and honey at breakfast. When I came home I was disappointed to find that the stateside yogurts never matched what I experienced in Turkey. But slowly, over the past five years or so, the category of yogurt has really taken off.

I still can't find Falim gum anywhere. My Istanbul Intergum visit will be another post.

Well, Antonios Maridakis, the VP of sales and marketing at Fage USA tells me that Fage is now local to New York. They have a big, beautiful new facility in Johnstown, New York. They purchase their milk locally and produce in the Greek style. Meaning that the whey is separated after being heated, making the yogurt thicker and suitable for cooking too.

Yes, Alan Richman is correct. Greek yogurt with honey is a great treat. And now it's local too. Madzhik!


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