Confections at the Fancy Food Show

Well, here I go. My CANDYMONIUM blog has been discussed and considered for years but I am just now getting around to it. Frankly I never knew where to begin but yesterday after reviewing the latest and greatest at the Fancy Food Show, I finally realized my genesis.  I will discuss, review and contemplate not only my found Fancy Food Show confections but I will muse, with your help, about candy, chocolate, confections, and anything made of sugary goodness. Oh, and sweets  too.

So, what's there at the show? I started in the media room and read the latest press kits from Dagoba Organic, Scharfen Berger Chocolate, and Bissinger's, and some newcomers too. Then, I headed off, starting with the booths downstairs because I had to order pre-made Gingerbread houses from Philip at Monaco Baking. I am working on a very special holiday project, for a very special client and Philip and I go back a long way. We worked together when I was the new product architect for Fannie May Candies. At that time Fannie May was the largest candy retailer in North America and Philip helped me develop seasonal cookies and gingerbread novelties for their stores and catalogs. Next up was another appointment with a book publisher to discuss my latest book project and then off to Madeline Chocolates to say hi to Jorge et al in their booth.

Is Greek yogurt with honey as perfect and magical as Alan Richman claims in this month's GQ Magazine? In the article titled, My Sweet Life he also extolls: See's Candy, Petite Fours and plain vanilla ice cream (more on those later). The photography of various sweets in different stages, by Mitchell Feinberg is amazing and what I really wanted the Charlie and the Chocolate movie remake to make me feel like. 


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