Chocolate Mystery Chest Deepens

Okay, here is a story. Either it's a total hoax (ala the sixth foot in Vancouver) or a genius marketing ploy. 

Have you ever played the game "What would you take if you were stranded on a desert island and could take only ONE thing"? What if someone is stranded and their only thing has washed away?

What if New Zealand had a different April Fools Day?

Chocolate Pirate's Booty! Ahoy, someone call the people in product development.

Make a note to call Daniel at Cadbury and tell him that he should never say never because as the PR folks would say, "It just works".

  • Low cost > high return (flea market trunk+ trip to beach+product=international newspaper story)
  • Follows consumers fascination with foot on beach. Expecting dead body....find CHOCOLATE. Hip, hip, horray!
  • Free chocolate with slightly edgy risk (expired date) When quotes appear that the product is still DELICIOUS after being waterlogged and expired, plus other glowing testemonies= priceless.
Chocolate companies, fill your chests! 


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