Monday, March 21, 2016

Chocolate Foil Wrapped Rabbit

Easter is all things chicks and rabbits and we're always researching our vintage collection and others to see what might inspire the future.  

Spring shapes may change slightly but the classic bunny, standing or sitting is always in style.

We found this gorgeous, vintage Czech chocolate catalog on Ebay and are totally pining for the stunning Spring foil wrapped chocolate assortment.

The catalog doesn't have a date but I would put in at 1930s. Enjoy and happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Free Candy - The Van

Ron Jacobs
The van, shown here parked in San Francisco was originally decorated for Burning Man. It's attracted world wide attention and the owner has given away $1500 worth of free candy. Is it totally creepy or super sweet? Read the BBC Story here!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Candy at the Fancy Food Show 2016

The show is always a great opportunity for us to roam and discover. I encountered Japanese Candy Cheese that tasted a little like subtly sweetened Velveeta. 

Always interested in nostalgia, I was happy that Brown and Haley re-issued their classic pink tin. Love Almond Roca.

Cactus Candy is an awesome Pate De Fruit made using the Prickly Pear and featuring amazing, retro anthropomorphic road trip packaging. 

The Dick Taylor booth looked great and showcased cacao ingredients. 

Salty Road  has ventured into Chocolate. I did not get a chance to sample but I am sure I will discover again here in New York. 

Lastly, no San Francisco visit would be complete without a trip to Buy Rite. I painted a little postcard for myself to take home so I wouldn't have to leave my heart there.