Monday, January 30, 2012

Make your own Valentine's Day Candy!

An assortment of my vintage
Valentine's candy and chocolate
It's sooner than you think. Less than two weeks away is the ultimate sweeties day, Valentine's Day. This year, on Feb. 13th, right before Valentine's Day, I am instructing a very special class at the Institute of Culinary Education. Why not share your true LOVE with some handmade confectionery treats?

A selection of candy displayed in lovely
confectionery jars!

What's on the menu? Alongside Teresia (my amazing assistant and ICE grad) and me, you'll make beautiful yet simple Chocolate Hearts, delightful & "not-your-grandmother's" Cherry BonbonsPretty Plums, fluffy Pomegranate Rose Marshmallows and you'll send a clear message with chocolate LOVE Bark

Please email me me if you want more information about the class or the confections we will be whipping up for Valentine's Day.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Food, Glorious (& Fancy), Food

Cake Pops were on parade at the
2012 Fancy Food Show 

The San Francisco Fancy Food Show has ended and now back in New York I am digging through the napkin notes, copious samples and digital images. Here’s a roundup of what got my attention:
Cake Pops are poppin’ up everywhere. I stopped by CHRONICLE BOOKS and Peter told me that they’ve now officially sold a zillion copies of the beautiful BAKERELLA book. Pops at the show seemed to lack Bakerella's attention to detail and as I discussed with one maker/baker/manufacturer no one can quite figure out how to make and then ship them…but those little chocolate coated cake balls on a stick still seem sweeter than ever.
Old world wood molds from Gingerhaus
for cookies and pressed sugar
I am sucker for a vintage confectionery mold be it for cookies, chocolate or candy and GINGERHAUS, maker of cookie molds has something VERY special happening. Check out their cookie presses, rolling pins and house kits. Maybe they can resuscitate the lost arts of pastilage and springerle.
A few companies were serving up ground chocolate or cacao as a coffee alternative. Tasty, “healthy” and with very little caffeine, this robust drink is how it was enjoyed in Aztec times. I tried World Berries CACAO BREW  (Crio Brü and Choffy are brethren) it was made using a French Press and I was very pleased with the simplicity of the concept and the taste.
Kelly's Kitchen fudge made with
Havarti cheese and chocolate. 
I went gaga for KELLY’S KITCHEN Chocolate Cheese Fudge. Made with Wisconsin Havarti, Kelly’s soft cheese “fudge” was both familiar and totally unique.
Indulge in Bequet's best
BEQUET Caramels was happy to offer me butterscotch, espresso and pomegranate along with other top-notch and award-winning varieties.
Coconut water is still very happening but what about the coco culinary off shoots like JJ's COCOMEL'S? Made with coconut milk and organic sugars they are vegan and produced in small batches. The coco-concept came to JJ in a dream, and they are indeed dreamy. 
Almond Water from VICTORIA'S KITCHEN was amazingly tasty and refreshing. This subtle beverage will start to show up on cocktail menus. In fact, I encouraged Jordan Mackay, while we were bellied up at BAR TARTINE, to give a try.
An amazing array of confections and chocolates
can be found at Bi-Rite in the Mission
Of course, if you are in San Francisco and did not get to the show you can always stop by the best little neighborhood market in the West. Go to  Bi-Rite market to see all the freshest and greatest in local food and sweets. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Our flock of owl Cake Pops inspired
by Bakerella's dipped darlings
We've been busy making more cake pops for the New Year. This time we attempted Owls. We used candy necklace "beads" for the eyes and found that chocolate chips were perfect little "wings". Little gummies were used for the "beak" and snowflake sprinkles for the "feet". They were loads of fun and with a marblecake center, pretty tasty. In fact, all 40 or so are only alive now in our Owl Cake Pop dreams.

1928 advertising booklet for
MY-T-FINE  Desserts
Also on our list of things to keep us busy is puddings. It's a new obsession and thus far we've made Blancmange, Corn Pudding, Toffee Pudding, Spiced Rice Pudding, and Trifle from our vintage recipe books. Coming up, Figgy. 

Also, we are enjoying a new office on 21st Street here in Manhattan. If you are in the Flatiron district please call for a visit!

The possibilities of puddings are endless. 
We've been making them savory, stacked, 
sweet and supple.
Lastly, another nostalgic candy article ran in a NJ newspaper. Check it out, Happy New Year and stay sweet!