Thursday, November 18, 2010

Canal Street Candy

More Candy in Chicago

Members from the Chicago Section of the AACT sat intently and "geeked out" while I discussed Chicago Confections on Tuesday night. At the end of the lecture they gave me a BIG 10 pound treat: an Alpine Dark chocolate bar made by Blommer Chocolate. I signed copies of my book, Blommer: An American Chocolate Legacy and now the University bookstore is officially sold out. If you are looking for a copy, please visit or call the Blommer Outlet Store in Chicago. Thank you Chicago AACT!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cooking Channel's Foodography: Candy

The Cooking Channel candy episode features yours truly making my Brown Butter Toffee. If you would like to see me do this stunt in person please visit me at the upcoming NY Chocolate Show this Friday. More details to come!

Post Script: The chocolate show was fantastic, as always! Sirisha Muppidi was kind enough to help me prepare my candy and took the above picture of me in the demo kitchen. The 200 seats were full and everything turned out SUPER SWEET...despite the fact that I was operating with broken candy thermometer. Following my demo I signed books with Carl Warner. His Food Landscapes book is ab-fabulous.

The Mel and Janet Mickevic Collection at Kendall College

I am delighted to announce that a new exhibit related to antique confectionery equipment has officially opened. Below is an excerpt rom the pages of the virtual exhibit, based on the Culinary Curiosity exhibition at Chicago’s Kendall College which has been artfully curated by Vicki Matranga.

"Candy and chocolate delights blend artistry and science. Confectionary workers are skilled artisans who understand the behavior of sugars and must control temperature and texture while they operate specialized equipment.

The tools displayed here suggest the wide range of equipment needed in the labor-intensive confectionary trade. Always seeking newness, the confectionary business relies on product appearance and merchandising to differentiate offerings for holidays, gifts, and novelties. Since the mid-1800s, the industry has been sensitive to the price and availability of sugar, corn sweeteners, and cacao. Today it responds to consumer demand for healthful snack foods and global pressures in labor and production costs."

For more information please visit the online exhibit!

University Of Chicago Lecture

Thank you so much to all who packed the house for my University of Chicago lecture. I talked all about Chicago confectionery history and following I signed copies of my newest book, Blommer: An American Chocolate Legacy while people enjoyed the exhibit cases.

If you are a card carrying member of AACT in Chicago, please come out for my repeat performance next week!