Thursday, September 16, 2010

The History Behind Our Sweetest and Spookiest Holiday

I am delivering a lecture for AACT in the Philadelphia area next month. The American Association of Candy Technologists is a

professional group made up of mostly food science and operations people from the confectionery industry.

My lecture is titled, Halloween Candy: The History Behind Our Sweetest and Spookiest Holiday is on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at The Historic General Warren Inn, Malvern PA.

For more information about the lecture, please email me below.

Trick-Or-Treat? Top 5 All Time Halloween Treats

1) Apples: Forget that old (sub?) urban legend about the razor blade in a red “delicious” apple. Think about a big, sweet Honeycrisp and remember that apples go great with bobbing, candying and caramel.

2) Popcorn Balls: While rice krispie treats may have over taken the classic corn ball spot, when these are made with love and care, they are a Fall delight. Fresh popped popcorn is a must.

3) Candy Corn: This confectionery must have was originally developed by Wonderlee Candy Company and called “Chicken Feed”. Today over 35 million pounds of candy corn is produced each year, or 9 Billion pieces of the tri-colored, cone-shaped treat.

4) Caramel: Another Fall candy classic that is versatile. This category has grown and

gone “gourmet” recently. Goat Butter and Honey Caramels anyone?

5) FunSize: The truth is that moderation, when it comes to certain candies, rules. Funsize allows one to enjoy a smorgasbord of candies thereby enabling a faster trip down memory lane.

Mini candies are a great way to sample the season’s finest confectionery favorites.

Chicago Food Film Fest

The Chicago Food Film Festival is slated to open next weekend. I would recommend purchasing a ticket for opening night, Savory & Sweet, featuring mini films and mighty foods.

While there, you just might catch a glimpse of a specially produced trailer for an upcoming TV show all about sweets. The doors open at 7 and the night will be filled with very special treats.

Thanks to concentrated TV and Mark Cwiakala.

See you there!