Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wine + Chocolate Event

Sandy Roche, Hostess August 15, 2008
Chocolate and Wine Pairing
With Beth Kimmerle

First Flight


Le Colture Prosecco di Valdobbiadene

Has a balanced combination of fruity and floral aroma and taste, in a slightly sweet bubbly structure. A great pre-dinner sparkler, it’s also terrific with sweets.

Saniger Cava Vintage Brut

This grape estate is located near Barcelona. The winery was taken over by the Franco Regime and has since reinvented itself. A dry brut, it’s refined and produced in a manner similar to Champagne.


Scharffen Berger 41% Cacao Milk Chocolate

An extraordinarily high cocoa content milk chocolate with rich caramel flavors.

Second Flight


Fazi Battaglia Verdicchio 2007

A smooth, chilled aperitif, Verdicchio is an uncommon grape. The name is a derivative of the word “verde” (which means green in Italian) due to its slight green/yellow hue. It holds welcoming fruit and almond notes.


Scharffen Berger 62% Cacao Semisweet Chocolate

This not overly sweet, semisweet offers hints of citrus and honey.

Third Flight


Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon Yountville-Napa Valley 2005

The wine is made in Bordeaux-style using NEARLY 80 percent cabernet sauvignon with a blend: 79% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Petit Verdot, 6% Syrah, 2% Cabernet Franc, 1% Merlot, and 1% Carignan. The cab grape taste stands strong with herbs and currant. You may taste some coffee and cocoa in the rather long finish.


Scharffen Berger 70% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate

A complex, “almost” dark chocolate with real fruitiness and a lasting finish.

Fourth Flight


Prager Tomas Port 2004

This sweet, brandy fortified wine is made in the "vintage style port" tradition and is produced from two varieties of grapes grown on the estate in Calistoga, CA. This full-bodied Port has evolved into the taste of candies cherries, spices and a hint of caramel. Tomas can be enjoyed now, but will improve with a few years of bottle age.


Scharffen Berger 82% Cacao Extra Dark Chocolate

A rich bar with dried fruitiness and spice flavors.


Assortment of hand-rolled truffles made with Scharffen Berger 70% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate and rolled in Scharffen Berger cocoa powder. Flavors include: Fresh Picked Blackberry and Honey.


Beth Kimmerle’s Soft Salted Caramels, made with Scharffen Berger 62% Cacao Semisweet Chocolate and sea salt.

Time To Make The Soft Salted Chocolate Caramels

Here's the truth. I have been away, making caramels. A page ran in Domino Magazine about my 10 favorite things and in my list and I included my soft chocolate caramels. Not because it was convenient but because they are.

They are not just any caramels. I demonstrated how to make them at the New York Chocolate show last year and something happened. Folks started hovering around me. Considered questions were asked like, how do you pronounce it, "car-ah-mel" or "care-a-mel"? What sort of salt do you use? What...

Description: Soft, NOT stringy. CHOCOLATELY, not vanilla. KISS wrapped, not mass produced. Tender, sweet like the season's perfect ear of corn. Here's the catch. SALTY and sweet. Not overly but a hint. Another kiss....sea salt. French.

So, this page ran in the August issue of Domino and orders came in. Lots of orders. 

There you have it. I have been away making caramels. THOUSANDS of pieces. Hand-wrapped, hand-made, heavy cream, the works--the old fashioned way. At one point, before the article ran I contacted a manufacturer. I sent him my recipe specs and a few days later I received a candy caramel package in the mail. But they were not my caramels. They were good, sorta close, but they were not hovering caramels.

For those who ordered my Soft Salted Chocolate caramels from Bigtipscandy.com seen in Domino; thanks for hovering. A kiss wrap for you.

Want the recipe? Email me!